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Founded in 1948 in Jungingen, Germany, Rudolf Riester GmbH was acquired by Halma plc in 2007. This transformed the company from a family-owned business into being part of an international group of companies. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturing companies of diagnostic devices and vital sign parameter monitoring for primary, hospital, post-acute and long-term care across the globe. We sell and distribute our products, through an extensive network of more than 6,000 channel partners in more than 150 countries.
Our purpose drives every business decision we make, and ensures we are working towards it every day. It defines our goals to meet rising healthcare demand with an ageing population and fast lifestyle changes. At Riester, we understand the needs and challenges of our customers in their daily medical routines. Together with our partners we help healthcare providers improve the lives of millions of patients every day, everywhere. Through innovation, cutting-edge technology, and our commitment to excellence, our portfolio of diagnostic devices is setting many healthcare standards.

Our core values are: Achievement, Innovation, Empowerment and Customer Satisfaction. These are integrated into all aspects of our daily business routine.


The Riester culture is one of responsibility and accountability, which means we take ownership of our projects with a clear view of the final objective. We are providing the responsiveness to customer needs of a small business, but with the added innovation, advanced manufacturing methods and qualified distribution network of a truly global company. This, in essence, created what Riester stands for today: world-class products and services for our customers.


At Riester we foster innovation by combining decades of experience in developing and manufacturing diagnostic devices with out-of-the-box, innovative thinking. Our people are always eager to explore new technologies and create innovative applications. As a result we are now in the great position of being able to launch innovative products every year, while still having a well-filled product pipeline for the future.


Our employees are key to our success and we continue to invest in their development. From their initial training when they join Riester, followed by ongoing development programs and corporate management training, our employees are encouraged to contribute through excellence and teamwork. Our objective is to empower people and help them assume responsibility to help us, as a team, achieve our ambitious company goals.

Customer Satisfaction

Riester’s customers expect nothing less than world-class products and services. Consequently, they are the centre of all our efforts and activities, right across the company, from research and development through to manufacturing, marketing and sales.
Designed for demanding, everyday use in doctors´ practices and hospitals, many of our products are developed through close cooperation between our engineers and specialists from research centres and university hospitals. During the development phase, our test procedures and facilities lay the foundation for products of outstanding quality, even before the actual manufacturing process starts.
Riester’s distribution service includes:
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